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" The level of care I received at your clinic is truly the highest I've experienced anywhere. You were extremely thorough and took the time to explain the treatment I required in a way I understood and felt good about. It was nice to feel listened to for a change. The acupuncture was very relaxing! I walked out of your clinic feeling refreshed and
thankful for your knowledge and for the treatment I received. For me, it's worth the drive out of town. Thank you so much for all your help ." 

Susan from Paris, Ontario


"I found myself in excruciating pain one morning during my daily routine - putting on socks, sitting down, getting in and out the car. Every movement resulted in the pain shooting up the back, and I had to call in sick for many days. In the previous few months I was working overtime late nights and weekends sitting in front of a computer screen. Finally the stress and the pressure was catching up on me - and this time I could not just shake it off. I was able to get Dr. Philip's consultation immediately. After two visits, I was able to go through the day with only a dull back pain. I have since then cared for my back daily, and the problem have not come back since. Not only that, Dr. Philip have followed up on other health problems I have been ignoring. I have also shed off close to 10 lbs with minimal effort, and have so much energy in store to expect Monday with excitement. Thank you Dr. Philip for your care."

- Dong Kyu Lee from Thornhill, Ontario


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Have you got a photo of your Blood?

 Blood microscopy is very popular in Europe, especially in Germany. Live blood cell microscopy is gaining popularity in Canada and now available in almost every city.

Although microscopy was invented 390 years a go, only with the recent advent of a video camera and monitor did it become possible for client to become involved by observing the immediate test results on the screen. This expanded technology is mainly responsible for the growing popularity of a live blood test.


In live blood analysis, a small drop of blood is taken from the fingertip and placed on a slide under a darkfield microscope. The patient and practitioner would view the blood cell in ‘live view’ in front of the computer monitor. With the blood specimens not being stained, we can observe the blood in its natural terrain environment against an in-direct light source.

(Note: stained sample would have killed the blood cells)


This test may be of value in the early assessment of; 

Any health problem of unknown cause

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Compromised Immunity

Cardiovascular or Stroke family history


Yeast related health issue


Blood microscopy is indicated for anyone that would like preventative medicine, even for those in good health as well. Moreover, it is also particularly useful in tracking patient's response over time to their treatments indicating at the earliest moment a need to change their medication or therapy. Finally, and most importantly, we can watch over time how a patient is responding to their treatment.


In itself, live blood screening with microscopy is not a diagnostic procedure. However, it can often point you in a direction to take for further diagnostic testing.



Generally through live blood microscopy, we can determine;
  Sluggish immune system
∙ Liver, heart and pancreas stress
∙ Nutritional status : low vitamins and minerals
∙ Possibilities of parasites / candida
∙ Digestive issues  
∙ Atherosclerotic predisposition
∙ Toxicity and pH imbalances
  Signs of excess free radical and oxidative damage
∙ Predisposition to chronic and degenerative disease


Cost  (HST Tax included)

The cost of the Live Blood Cell Microscopy is $ 150. The visit is about 45 minutes in length. 

The visit includes viewing the live blood cell and discuss treatment options.

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Samples of how normal cell may look like



         Instructions :

  1. Fasting for at least 4 hours is required to acquire accurate reading. However, you may consume fruit or fruit juice if you feel weak or light headache.
  2. Keep hydrated throughout the day before coming to the visit.
  3. Continue prescription medications and supplements as usual.



Dr. Philip K. L Lee BSc, ND, is a graduate from the reputed Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Toronto (CCNM) and a licensed Naturopath currently practicing in Burlington. His practice focuses on family medicine, cancer therapy as well as pain management due to his Kinesiology background. To read more about his biography please click here 

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