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"I had excruciating shoulder pain which resulted in restricted arm movements. This affected my daily life, and made it very difficult to do the simple things like cooking and vacuuming. After consulting with Dr. Lee, we both agreed to a series of acupuncture treatments. I was apprehensive about how the acupuncture would help my shoulder pain and the thought of having many needles inserted around my shoulder did not assure me much.

However, to my surprise, the needles did not hurt and the acupuncture treatments definitely alleviated the shoulder pain. Dr. Lee also treated my daily exhaustion with a liver cleanse, and the introduction of natural vitamins and health supplements.

Thanks Dr. Lee for your sincere desire to help and your wealth of knowledge in this field of naturopathic medicine."

Dorothy (Markham, Ontario)

"I visited the Robert Shad Naturalpathic School of Medicine in 2007 and Philip was my intern doctor, at the time i was struggling with depression, and anxiety and irritable bowel syndrom.(IBS) I was in major depression and could not use main stream medicine philip helped me by developing a plan for me of what to eat and helped my nutritional deficiency by giving me supplements that helped lift my depression. I was not totally cured i had to go to a 5 month treatment facility to get me eating regularly but I did not take their medications. I continued on the plan philip had designed for me and after 5 months my acute depression lifted! I am on my road to healing. I totally recommend Dr Philip he such a caring doctor and will work with you on your journey to health. He has with me and it is very exciting that he has opened his practice up in hamilton. Thank you Philip".