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What to expect in a visit ?

Ideally, the first Naturopathic consultation visit should be about 60 minutes to allow for comprehensive information gathering, while follow-up visits may be about 30 minutes in length depending on the treatment necessary. 

  • Comprehensive Information gathering

 Clinical interview is performed by the practitioner to determine the patient’s current condition, medication, allergies, diet, lifestyle and past medical history.


  • Physical Exam

Vital physical examination will be performed (such as blood pressure, temperature, heart and lung examination, ear, eye, throat examination) during the visit to.


  • Lab Test

 Conventional blood test (such as glucose, cholesterol etc.) or urine test are occasionally performed to confirm a diagnosis. Other specialize test such as nutrient status assessment, gastrointestinal function test and heavy metal toxicities screening can be done in the clinic as well.


After each visit, our Naturopathic Doctor would spend time thoroughly reviewing and investigating the case presented and perform necessary research to plan out the best treatment for the client. In every case, finding the root cause of the problem is the utmost importance. When deemed necessary, herbal combinations (in forms of tea, liquid, or capsule) or nutraceutical supplements (such as Glucosamine, Quercetin, Lycopene, etc.) will be recommended, based on current evidences or empirical clinical studies. In some conditions, patients may need hands on physical therapy such as hydrotherapy, acupuncture, Naturopathic relaxation Bodywork and Intravenous Therapy

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